Ashley is a tiny brunette escort with a fantastic body

She’s the sort of girl you only cannot resist being naughty with – she’s only one of a kind, naughty, willing and kissable, quite willing. All you need to do is pick up the telephone and invite her through… You’ll adore in person if you enjoy her images. She loves cuddling, happiness and Fetishes. Her attractiveness her smooth skin and her open mindedness make her an ideal Escort company for you.

Ashley is one of our favorite escorts in Montreal, she certainly will provide excellent entertainment for virtually any gentleman with all the preference for a great girl and is a complete discharge. This high class escort woman certainly will have some guy captivated from the beginning and oozes sex appeal. In the event that you choose you would like to take Ashley out for the nighttime, you won’t regret it for an instant, as the high-class lady is just ugly on the outside but has a wonderful character. Heads will turn as you’ve one of the very stunning girls in Town in your arm and you’ll be envied by everyone!

Something you always need to search out for in a hot young female escort in town is their capability to maintain the energy levels at a high, radiating want and positively to participate you in all the manners you crave. Ashley is one such hot escorting Montreal who just personifies what’s important when trying to find the right company. With her refined grin, her lovely skin, her fascinating allure and her female charm, you are going to be thawing with this super-hot discharge at your service!

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Age 21 | Height 5’3” | Weight 105lbs | Breast 34B | Hair Brunette

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  1. Mark from Ottawa

    My girlfriend dumped me lately and I want to talk to someone, someone who can help me on my situation. As I was searching to a online to a random topics i got into escorts. Montreal service MSE and there I saw some gorgeous girls Ashley that might help me on my situation. So I availed their service and got my escort. She’s a polite girl even though she looks wild, she is still sweet in the inside. We talk for almost an hour while we are having our dinner trying to know a bit about ourselves. My experience with Ashley is like a date and not the kind of escort experience some greedy guys want because they were just dumped lately but still we have some bed experience and she’s very much good I can rate her 10.

  2. Robert

    I really like getting some escort service in Montreal especially now that I got a little bit older. I’m 49 years young now but I still got the ability of a 22 year old guy. So I got my escort Ashley shes a gorgeous girl with nice attitude. Ashley is one of the best Montreal escort. At first I thought she can’t get my sense of humor cause of our generation gap but still I got her. We talk and have a dinner and there I’ve notice that she’s an old fashioned girl and I think its kinda sexy and classy. When we were at the hotel she changes her clothes and wears an old fashion night gown somewhat came from the 70’s and still I love it. Maybe one of this day I will still get some escort service and maybe still with Ashley if she’s free.

  3. A++++ MSE

    Ashley was simply amazing. A perfect one. By the time we interchange our thoughts we set our date immediately. She was a cooperative woman. She suggested and set the night for the two of us. And everything went great. She came so magnificently. We had a drink and discuss interesting thoughts. It was like we’ve known each other for such a long time ago. We talked for almost an hour, and we moved to a place where she wanted to go. We enjoyed our food and our drinks. As the night goes by we shared each other’s passion in the bedroom and it was a pure ecstasy. She left the next morning. I called her again to set our next appointment, and she replied with a yes. This will be our second rendezvous. Meeting her for the second time was a great chance. We had a great conversation and a wonderful bedroom experience. No words can describe her kindness and her beauty. Hope we see each other again.

  4. Raymond

    I don’t know how to explain how wonderful and amazing my experience with Ashley. Such a lovely escort in Montreal Quebec. We spent a great time with each other. From the moment she entered to the door of my apartment and our eyes met, I felt like the desire flared up again. The spark of our first meeting was repeated in our minds. I was amazed by how patiently she remembered precise moments on our first meeting. Telling her what I really wanted. But it seems like she already knew what needs to be done. Ashley totally knew how to handle me. Knowing my climax between pleasure and pain. I can say that she really gave me the fantasy, and we share the warmth of the night. As time goes by so quickly it feels like we only just met today. It feels so hard by the moment she needs to go and I’m certain that this won’t be the last time that we see each other. Spending my time with Ashley is an absolute pleasure. And I always keep in my mind on how real and gorgeous she is. It’s always a great escort service experience.

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