Leona is indescribable escort in a few words

Cannot be praised enough for the attractiveness she’s blessed with. Strikingly hot and beautifully feminine, she is the ideal star-stuff. It is merely her down-to-earth approach that departs from her diva picture. Long, thick curly tresses soft, sun kissed skin, pulpy lips, narrow waist line and an incredibly curvy body accentuate her feminine qualities. Leona isn’t bashful to be herself when she is with her high profile customers and is open about her urge to command

Being a real French girl she is naturally enticing, intimate and enchanting. Her seductive body, cascading blond hair and astonishing legs give her an enchanting body. Leona is surely an extremely in demand female young Escort lady in Montreal. Pleasing you or satisfying you become her first and foremost priority when she joins you. This diversity in the real French girl’s character makes her harmonious with you. She knows the hottest bars, and night clubs in town which can offer you the best entertainment options she will certainly blow some steam.

Leona is one of our really amazing escorts, an accurate heart-breaker! When you encounter this princess you will see for yourself that she has real classy sex appeal and a brilliant elegance, on top of dramatic good looks that mean that it will soon be hard to take your eyes off her! Additionally, with Leona, the beauty doesn’t only go skin deep. She is a really unique girl with a heart of gold. The princess is an extremely affectionate and generous with a positive attitude to life. Why not go out with her tonight?

Age 21 | Height 5’3” | Weight 110lbs | Breast 34C | Hair Black

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  1. M. Kimber

    Have met Leona a number of times and can absolutely recommend her. Montreal escort agency never failed me. Leona makes her client special and will do everything in her power to ensure you have the best possible time while you’re with her. Sexy, sensual yet genuine, experienced, relaxed and provocative Leona will make your time not only memorable but have you craving another session as soon as you leave. Absolute value for your dollar and you won’t be disappointed. I still want to be with her but sad to say were running out of time during her service to me. You will never regret to be with her. My one regret is that I didn’t choose to see this angel sooner. She’s an absolutely lovely person and makes an amazing companion. I daresay my encounter with her was spectacular and has left a lasting memory. It’s extremely rare for me to say that I want more of her and will be coming back again.

  2. confidential

    Before escorts are like an instant date that you can’t even do what you wanna do even asking for a kiss. Lately I found a site about Montreal escorts MSE and try to check some of their hot babes and I found it interesting. So I get one of their escort that they’ve model in their site. Her name is Leona. Leona is a hot girl, she’s so gorgeous and I found her a little bit wild. As what I have mentioned a while ago that before escorts are almost untouchable but my experience with Leona is different she so easy to deal with I can even kiss here anytime I want of course during her service. I never got this kind of escort service before that’s why I’m very thankful that I found this escort service. Next time I will be bringing friends with me and get each other a partner from this agency.

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